Fishing Report May 2016

Key West Fishing Report

CLIENT : Booya Fishing Charters Key West

RESULTS: 200% ROI, 20+ New Charters a month and 1200 new viisitors per month from organic search results


In May 2016 we received a call from Pat Cattern owner and operator of Booya charters In key west Florida. He explained that his main competition. what’s eating their business for breakfast lunch and dinner the marketshare was roughly 90/10. Clearly his competitor were doing something right.

Pat hired us to find out exactly what his competitors were doing and to provide a strategic digital strategy to gain a competitive lead. During the research phase we looked at Booya Charters online ecosystem. We were stunned by an apparent paradox, how could his business listing be at the 4th page of search results if he has some of the best and most reviews?

We dug a little bit deeper and found some interesting findings. There was a huge gap between his customers searching for him and relevance to keywords that his customers were using. Also, unbenounced to him, his website was not optimized for SEO.

with a laundry list Of action items we thought might help to situation around, got the OK to proceed and went to work. It was almost silent for 3 months. Then, By August, month 4, before our bi weekly meeting Pat sent us a message saying“ this is the slowest time of the year and I have recieved more inquiries and bookings this month than the last 6 months combined. Whatever you guys are doing, it’s working!”

What he didn’t know, is that that was just the beginning. By month 6 he refused to let us go. “ if it wasn’t for Sharon Starke and her team, I would have lost everything. “ By month 9, we could barely get a hold of him because he was so busy. He was booking more charters than his competitors and word got around so much that a few other local Key West wanted us to work for them as well.

Pat Cattern, owner and operator of Booya Charters since 1997 almost lost his whole business within one year because he wasn’t paying attention to where his customers were looking for his services. Fortunately he chose Starke Solutions, a Company that focused not on keywords nor social media but on a digital strategy. Today, His business is booming and we’re currently working with him on his second venture.

This is why we are here. To win, dominate and expand revenue growth for small to enterprise companies across the globe. Join the winning circle with Starke Solutions before your competitor does.
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